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social community network money making opportunitiesI’m sure most of you sign up lots of social community network like Facebook, twitter, Google Buzz, Digg and many more. How do you actually manage all of them? Take for an example if you sign up for 10 social community networks. How long will it takes for you to share one single piece of information to all the networks? Are you going to open 10 browser tabs with 10 different social community networks and sign in one by one? If so, you might be spending lots of time on social community network. Please take a look at Cliqset as this service can help to publish and subscribe to all social community networks from one single platform. Well, perhaps not all but 70+ of different social community networks. It should be enough to cover all the social community networks that you might sign up.

Cliqset 2.0 was launched lately around July 2010. This all in one website is station at Florida USA. You can check out the full address from the website with location from Google Map included. If you’re actively participate in lots of social community networks to built traffic then I suppose you have to try out Cliqset. It can save you lots of time by dealing all the social community networks in one shot. Basically you can share content, make discussion and discover new things at Cliqset. You can do it either on your desktop or mobile device such as iPhone. You might not be able to do everything in details but at least you can perform the basic publish, reply and subscribe actions.

No doubt Cliqset is very convenient but there is one thing that I’m worried about. That is the security issue. Basically you need to have a common username and password for all 70+ of social community networks. That means if you lost the login id and password, you might lose all the contacts. That goes the same if hackers obtain your login id and password. That is why we tend to have different usernames and passwords. But then too many usernames and passwords might complicate things, plus there is a tendency of forgetting them.

P/S: Nothing is perfect. Perhaps you might group those social community networks that you think might not affect you much even if lost. Try it out with Cliqset for couple of months then only decide if it is safe enough to continue on.



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2 Responses to “Share Discover and Discuss All at Cliqset”

  1. Jackson says:

    It sounds like a great new project. It is really new about 1 month old, but it is unique, before I was using OnlyWire, but I was not really happy. I am going to sign up with them now and test it for my new real estate website project. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Social Networking Web Design says:

    I think I’m going to give this site a while to get all the bugs worked out before giving it a try.