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rsshuggerGetting a page at RssHugger coast $20. If you write a review about RssHugger then you’ll get a page for free. What is RssHugger? Basically it is an rss directory that enables bloggers to promote their blogs, built traffic and getting backlinks. It is a site to help bloggers achieve search engine optimization. Well, to be honest if I need to pay get a spot on RssHugger then I need to think about it. There are lots of rss directory out there and lots of them are free to sign up. As a blogger, I’m looking for traffic and backlinks. This is mention by RssHugger too but the point is how we know that we are getting them. As for now I sign up, try to make it to the top 100 list then wait for traffic and backlinks. It seems to me that it is not much difference then other rss directories.

Taking the first step of offering free pages for those that posting a review about RssHugger is a smart move. But then that is just promoting the site. The main question is what you have done on your site to help your customers getting traffic and backlinks. The best is to show the results if not then actions taken. Put up something convincing like data or chat to let customers see what they are paid for works fine too. When the site is able to deliver the results then people will start to sign up even if it cost more then $20.

Judging that the site is still new and not afraid to make changes of giving out free pages, I’ll say it’s still worth trying it. A site that keeps on changing and improving will eventually success at the end. It’s just a matter of time.

P/S: RssHugger is no longer available.



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