Ride the Wave of World Cup 2014 and get traffic to your blog

World Cup 2014 is half way done and I’m guessing at least half of the world population is monitoring closely of the game. Thus anything related to World Cup 2014 is going to be trending now. That means people around the world are going to be interested about things related to World Cup 2014. What more will people do if they wanted to find out more details about the things happening in World Cup 2014? Yup, that’s right. People will go online using their smartphone or laptop searching for World Cup 2014 related information. Google sees it, understands it and decided to supply the needs. That is why when you google the words “world cup”, you’ll get game schedules and results directly from Google. You don’t even have to make it to FIFA.com for the match schedules and results.

Check out the blog post title “Find out what the world wants to know during the World Cup with Google Trends” from Google Inside Adsense. One interesting fact the blog post points out is the high focus of content consumption related to World Cup in 2010. Especially the views of sport videos on YouTube between April and May in 2010 have been drastically increased. Judging by this report, we should be expecting similar phenomena during World Cup 2014. In fact, I think the numbers will be way beyond the report as many people are able to access internet after 4 years.

If you are looking for money making opportunities, perhaps World Cup 2014 might just be the key. The question is how you can make use of World Cup 2014 for your advantages. No doubt it should be easy to gain certain amount of traffic if you blog about topics related to World Cup 2014. But as the world is starting to dominate by smartphone and high speed internet access, I will suggest focusing on YouTube. Creating interesting video clips related to World Cup 2014 should be able to draws lots of traffic. Instead of just blogging about World Cup 2014, creating video clips that illustrate interesting or special moment during the game should be able to gain results fast.

P/S: Since World Cup event is being held 4 years once, you can start prepare for the big game in 2018.



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