Remove Broken Links and spam comments from your blog or website

Blog or website is just like a house or a place that we stay. Getting rid of garbage is a daily activity that we must do in order to keep the place clean. When you own a blog or website, cleaning up spam comments and broken links are two important activities that must be done daily. Especially if the blog or website is receiving lots of traffic daily, accumulation of spam comments and broken links can be very fast and poisoning.

Spam comments can be filter by using WordPress plugin Akismet. But still you have to check the comments daily just in case the plugin miss out couple of spam comments. As for broken links, you can use WordPress plugin Broken Link Checker. The plugin will notify you whenever there is a broken link within your blog. You just have to confirm the links and decide if you want to edit the url, unlink or dismiss it. It is very common to find lots of broken links after blogging for years.

Spam comments and broken links annoyed readers. Readers or visitors hate to read through spam comments and filter out comments that are useful. Do the filtering ourselves so that readers can have a smooth and enjoyable reading experience. That goes the same with broken links. I’m sure all of us hate to click on links that ends nowhere or a 404 error page. It can be very frustrating, especially when after reading the entire blog post about a highly recommended product or service but turns out at the end the link does not work.

Google search engine does not like spam comments and broken links. Blogs with too many spam comments and broken links can receive a lower page rank. A drop in page rank within Google search engine can seriously affect the amount of traffic gain.

Try to keep your blog as clean as possible. A blog that free from spam comments and broken links will be rewarded by Google search engine and gain a positive image from viewers. And that’s good for making money online.



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