Present Your Business Story to Increase Money Making Opportunities Online

Google and American Express are working together for a program especially for small businesses to tell their stories through video. The program is called “My Business Story” and small businesses have the opportunity to tell their unique story via video to the world. In fact, this is one of the ways which small businesses get to promote their businesses to the world. The rules to participate in this program are simple. Small businesses just have to make a video about their story and submit it to the contest for an opportunity to appear in YouTube homepage ad on 25th November, Friday. It is an estimation of 22 million viewers or traffic from US daily. Thirty-six small businesses will be chosen and featured in the ad. These small businesses will also receive and online ad campaign worth $5000 from Google and American Express. The contest is due on Tuesday, 15th November. Those who are interested please refer to the blog post title “Small business and the power of video, announcing ‘My Business Story’ by Google and American Express” form Google Small Business Blog for details.

Don’t miss out this opportunity to promote your business right before the Year End Holiday. This is a great opportunity to let everybody in the word, especially in US to get to know your business. Once your video is featured, it is going to bring a lot of business right before Christmas. Best of all it is FREE and you just have to make a video about your story.



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