OnStartups Stack Exchange Q and A for Entrepreneurs who Pursuits Money Making Opportunities

At OnStartups Stack Exchange, entrepreneurs get to question and answer anything regarding money making opportunities or looking to start a business. It’s basically a platform which entrepreneurs get together to provide help and looking for help. You can place your question for help without registering for an account, but you’ll be referring as an anonymous user. Before asking any question, it will be better to check out the list to see if somebody else already asked the same question. That way you don’t have to wait for the answer as the commonly ask question already been answered. Currently there are 3430 questions ask and 94% already answered. I’m sure you’ll find most of your answers on how to start a new business easily.

If you’re looking forward to make full use of OnStartups Stack Exchange, it will be better to sign up for a FREE account and complete your user profile page. Next you can start building your reputation by posting good questions and providing useful answers. You will than gain votes form your peers which help to increase your reputation. You can also cast as many as 30 votes which earn you a maximum of 200 reputation points per day. Once you’ve acquired enough reputation points, you’ll be than be allowed to do more than just asking and answering questions. Although the privilege actions given might not allow you to make money or promote your products, it allows you to earn popularity among the community of OnStartups Stack Exchange. In other words, you’ll gaining exposure towards a group of entrepreneurs which have almost the same interest as you. This is actually a way of advertisement or promotion which increases traffic to your own blog of website. In fact, entrepreneurs might even approach you by offering business opportunities or business partners once they get to know you.

P/S: The only thing that makes a website special or unique is the community. Especially for website like OnStartups Stack Exchange, having lots of successful entrepreneurs within the community will certainly draw lots of attention. We just have to find a way to let the community discover our existence and lead them to our blog or website.



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One Response to “OnStartups Stack Exchange Q and A for Entrepreneurs who Pursuits Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Janet says:

    Absolutely great resource for young entrepreneurs like me, I just sign up for the website and have so many questions that I need answer for.