Nothing is Free when it comes to money making opportunities online

donate to wikipediaWho wants free stuff? People love it when they see the word “Free” as that means they don’t have to pay for it. But does it really mean free, especially when you see it online. Well, you might not require paying in terms of money, but you are actually paying it in other form. You might be ask to provide email, personal info, opinion or answering questions before gaining access to the free stuff. In some cases, your attention and clicks on the site are considered as the payment. Yes, when it comes to money making opportunities online, there is a strategy or trick which most people apply to gain more traffic to their site. The trick is simply giving out stuff for free. Try Google the word “free” alongside with any words that you can think of. You will find lots of sites giving out free stuff for real. If you study those sites carefully, there is always a “but” behind the free stuff that you are getting. Even if you are visiting Wikipedia, you will find a link which says “Donate to Wikipedia” But the main thing that Wikipedia wants is not money. They want traffic or users to check out their site as often as possible. Thus in return they provide rich high quality content for free.

Up until this point, does it sound familiar with what you are trying to do with your blog or website? Bloggers are using free as a bait for more traffic. The most common way is by providing free content. Some even tries to increase the level of the game by giving out free physical stuff like coupons, books, tickets or even money. Next time, when you see the word “Free”, try to figure out what’s the catch behind.



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