Make your Dream Comes True at Kickstarter

kick start project money making opportunitiesIf you have a dream and you need money to achieve it, perhaps you can check out Kickstarter. If you have a project or an idea that needs funding to help bring it alive, then start your project at Kickstarter. This is a website for passionate creator or designer to help raise funding for their projects. I need to mention this first. This is not a website to raise money to start out a business. So why do I still post about it? Well, let’s just say life is not just about earning money. We all have our own hobby or interest which some day we hope to take it to another level. Sometimes it’s not the money that we’re looking for to kick of this special project or ambition, but it’s the support and encouragement from people with same interest.

Kickstarter is not just a website for funding. It is also a community platform for people with same interest and passionate about the projects. Funding might just be the one thing that you’re looking for at Kickstarter, but I’m sure you’ll find some good friends with same interest too. Once you started a project and successfully gather enough funding, next thing is to get the project completed. Another thing that you’ll gain during the process is the publicity. The process of your project will be monitor and the people that supported your project will follow up with your progress. If your project is creative and interesting, for sure words about it will spread. People will not only know about the project but also the person behind the project. I call this traffic and for sure lots of people will start looking for your blog, if you have one. Sounds good?

Currently you need a US bank account and a US address to start a project. That means you need to be a US resident. For those that are not staying in US, you may only pledge by help funding the projects. You need to have an Amazon account as all the pledges are done using Amazon Payments. If you’re a non US Amazon account holder, you may experience a problem trying to pledge. You will need to create a new Amazon Payments account during check out. So what do you get in return if you pledge? You’ll be rewarded by the project creator. The rewards can be anything from a download, money or even a balloon depending on the project creator. Starting a project is free. All charges are done only when the project is successfully funded. Kickstarter keeps 5% of the funds raised. Project creators have total ownership of the work. So feel free to start as many projects as you can. There are 2 stages that you need to clear. First your project needs to be selected and second you need to get enough pledge in the given time.

P/S: There is just one thing that I don’t like about Kickstarter. International members are not able to start a project but able to pledge.



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