Make PDF page well index by Google Search Engine

If you are planning to upload PDF files on your blog or website, make sure that the PDF files are properly prepared so that the pages can gain a higher rank in Google search result. Yes, Google bots are crawling around PDF files too. Google has been indexing PDF files for a long time as people around the world are constantly searching for PDF files. Just do a search using Google search engine specifically on pdf files and you’ll be surprise on the number of searches done. Imagine the amount of traffic you’ll gain if you have couple of PDF files rank on the first spot of search result.

It is not difficult to make PDF files SEO friendly. You just have to spend some time filling up the particular information and make sure that Google bots are able to crawl around them easily. Below are some of the tips that you can practice to make your PDF files on top of the search results.

Fill in Title, Author, Subject and Keywords. PDF files document information needs to be complete with detail and proper description. The practice is about the same as creating a blog post.

Google index links in PDF files. Any links within PDF file are treated just the same as normal webpage. The links still pass PageRank. Instead of placing the links, you may choose to print out the address.

Google do not index images in PDF files. Thus you don’t have to put in too much attention on the images within PDF file.

As Google index PDF files and treat it like a normal HTML page, duplicate content applies if your PDF file content is the same as your blog or website. This usually happens when bloggers or site owners trying to provide an alternative way for viewers to download their site content in PDF format. In order to avoid having duplicate content, zip the PDF files before uploading them.

Google search engine is always improving and evolving. I’m sure Google will try to index every files and documents uploaded. I would suggest to at least fill up the title and description of every files uploaded properly. It will save you a lot of trouble when Google decided to index a particular new file type into their search engine.

P/S: When you make it easy for others to understand and identify your files or document, you are actually making it easy for Google search engine to index your pages too.



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