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guest posting trafficMyBlogGuest is a platform created for bloggers and writers to find a guest post or become a guest blogger. Just check out some of the blogs that you know and you’ll find a page where it says “Looking for guest posting”. Basically that means the blog is offering a post for other writers to publish their work for free. MyBlogGuest is a place where writers and blog owners get together and find each other. MyBlogGuest was founded by Amm Smarty, a well known weblogger and social media user.

Generally blog owners will setup a page and state the intention of looking for guest bloggers. Those who are interested in guest blogging will contact the blog owner and discuss the details of the content. That’s basically how guest blogging is done. As MyBlogGuest has setup a platform to gather all those who are interested in guest blogging, it makes it easy to look for both parties. Sign up is free. Everything else is also free. The only catch is to follow simple rules on guest posting. Basically the author should provide unique content only. Republishing the same content in other blog is not allowed. Blog owners should not change the content post without authors’ permission. As long as both parties respect each other and discuss on how the guest posting can be done, everything should be fine as it’s just a simple bargain.

If you’re not familiar on how guest blogging works and the benefits, check out the knowledge base at MyBlogGuest. There are lots of articles available from how to write a killer guest post to 20 reasons why you need to start guest blogging. The benefits of having guest posting for a blog owner is having free content in different style of writing. Readers can get a spice up as it is something totally different from the blog owner. Plus it’s a good way to get fresh content when you’re out of ideas to blog. As for the guest blogger, it’s basically about getting a link back and reaching out for new audiences. Guest posting is a popular way for bloggers to increase traffic and getting new contents.



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  1. John says:

    I tried MyBlogGuest but I was not quite successful. Actually I got few guest bloggers, but with the time they lost interest and decided to quit.