It takes time to become Search Engine Optimization Expert

Lately I received a lot of emails that claim to be SEO or search engine optimization expert trying to offer advices and services on improving blog traffic and Google search results ranking. It seems like many people are proclaiming themselves as SEO expert and trying to make money online by selling SEO services. No doubt this is one of the money making opportunities online that many people around the world are working on it. Just do a search online on SEO expert and try to find a site that provides SEO services. You will find lots of websites that are providing SEO services locally or international.

So how good you need to be in order to sell SEO service or proclaim as SEO expert? I suppose there is no exact definition but you must at least able to increase site traffic or search ranking results. How much traffic or search ranking results you are able to achieve will depends on how good you are in understanding and providing SEO service. As long as you do not make things worse by decreasing site traffic, I’m sure you still able to make some money online selling SEO services.

Basically SEO or search engine optimization is a technique trying to push a site to the top of the list for search engine result by tuning the site favoring search engine algorithm. As Google is constantly upgrading and refining their search engine algorithm, SEO can be done either short term or long term. A short term SEO can bring a site to the top list of search engine result within days but will not last for months. The site will be tune according to current search engine algorithm. It’s like taking potion that boosts your ability temporally. When the effect starts to wear off, the body will suffer some side effects. Once Google changes or update their search engine algorithm, site ranking and traffic will be affected because the SEO method applied might no longer useful. The long term SEO focuses on the concept of building high quality site instead of Google search engine algorithm. The SEO applied is more towards enable search engine to read and understand the site better instead of trying to win a top spot by favoring it. As a result the site takes a longer time to climb up the top spot of search result. Changes and updates on Google search engine algorithm will not affect much on the site. It’s like taking supplements to help improve your ability. The effect is slow but it last longer without any side effect.

In order to become an expert in SEO, you have to learn and understand the characteristic of Google search engine. And you have to follow up closely with the changes and updates of Google search engine algorithm. SEO changes when Google makes changes on their search engine algorithm. So it is a game that you need to practice constantly in order to become an expert. Once you are out from the game for more than 3 months, you are no longer an expert.



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