Is Your Brand an Interactive Trendsetter?

Location based service FourSquare has added yet another dimension to add to your marketing mix. Print, broadcast, interactive, and social media are old news; your brand can now take on a living and breathing presence to your FourSquare followers. By checking into a venue, you can add another dimension of personality to your brand and further define it in consumer’s minds. Instead of advertising to consumers, you can now allow them to engage in interactive marketing campaigns.

Imagine your creative agency designs a print and interactive campaign for a new chain of specialty retail stores. In order to discover information, they can turn to a magazine or a newspaper, find out about the website through social media, or find out about it by following tips from a trusted source on FourSquare. If a popular FourSquare user like Lucky Magazine leaves a tip about your store, all of their followers will have an added interest to check you out.

The most popular brands to follow on FourSquare are lifestyle media outlets that deal with the social aspects of people’s lives. User generated content from food website Zagat has gained popularity through social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. If Zagat leaves a tip about a restaurant or store, it will gain a favorable response from follower’s who view the website as an authority on the best in food services.

When you gain followers on FourSquare, it becomes easier to associate yourself with similar brands. If you are trying to market energy drinks, you can check into a concert venue, sporting event, or nightclub and offer free product to people who check in on their smartphones. They will associate your product with their immediate atmosphere and surroundings, and be more inclined to purchase it when they look back at the experience.

By associating your brand with venues around a city, you can offer people the best deals. If a restaurant lags around a certain time of the day, using FourSquare can improve the number of visitors. Daily Deal websites like Groupon and Living Social have seized the opportunity to promote their deals through FourSquare which will make your brand’s followers even more inclined to check out the venues you are promoting.

Now photo sharing has become easier than ever with FourSquare. Brands and their followers can post photos in real time to promote a current event or special at a certain location. This service has proved popular enough on FourSquare that Twitter has recently unveiled a photo uploading tool for users to share photos more easily. Instead of being directed to a third-party website, such as yFrog, TwitPic, or Instagram, users will have their photos displayed directly on their profile.

Brands have always striven to be trendsetters in their industries and niches. Now with FourSquare, it is easier than ever to bring life to your brand.



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