Introducing +1 reporting in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

Previously Google launches the +1 button and let bloggers and webmasters around the world making use of this new feature to help increase traffic and search results ranking. This is just the beginning of the Google + project. I think it’s pretty much has to do with the fast rising popularity of Facebook. As most of us know Facebook has a similar feature call Like button. I suppose Google just making use of this idea with a different style.

First it was the launch of +1 button, next comes the tracking system of +1 button in Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics. Publishers can now see how +1 button affects the traffic on their blogs or websites. Publishers also have the chance to see how users share the content using other buttons besides +1 by using Social Plugin Tracking in Google Analytics. That’s definitely a lot of graphs, statistics and numbers to analyze.

We will be seeing more features related to +1 button before the end of the year. I’m guessing this is part of Google’s strategy to compete with online social network giant Facebook. It looks like Google is trying to implement the social network ingredient into Google platform. The candy Google offering to bloggers and webmasters for using their new social network feature is traffic brought by their search engine. I think that makes the best candy ever and definitely attracts most users online. It is easy for Google to include social network into their platform but for Facebook, it’s difficult to implement a search engine feature to their platform. It seems like Google strikes the first goal in the competition. Let’s see how Facebook fights back.



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2 Responses to “Introducing +1 reporting in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics”

  1. Jason says:

    I think this is very useful, already see some interesting data from Google Plus in GA. It seems that people that are social related are visiting my website more often.

  2. Harry says:

    The option is available with new Analytics interface and offer great information how traffic is related socially. I think Google Plus will become very important part of internet marketing and tracking.