Interesting Facts and Questions about Search Engine Optimization from Search Engine Land

I have been working on search engine optimization for a long time and I manage to pull this blog up to Google search result first page for certain keywords. Basically I just write good quality blog post using certain keywords, write comments in blogs with similar topic, submit articles to article directories and work on social network online. It is just simple SEO. I make it a routine work and have been doing it for years. I’m quite satisfied with the result until I saw the blog post title “What Is Your SEO Archiving Plan?” from Search Engine Land. It seems like there are much to learn about search engine optimization.

Below are some of the interesting parts taken from the article:

A topic like archiving does not appear on an SEO professional’s radar until a specific situation arises, such as a site redesign or a migration to a new content management system (CMS).

The costs of not having an effective archiving plan results in lost search engine visibility (temporary and long-term), diminished brand credibility, and considerable staff/outsourcing time and expense to repair the damage. Ultimately, these items lead to lost prospects and lost sales.

If you want your blog content to have long-term search engine visibility and grow stronger over time, archiving and categorizing are a necessary part of the SEO process.

SEO works the best when it is addressed during the planning stages of website development. Archiving is no different. Archiving is an important part of the SEO planning process. It shouldn’t be an afterthought.

It seems like SEO or search engine optimization covers a lot of work and area. Bottom line, we should spend more time working on blog archiving and categorizing. We can start with categorizing our blog properly and in detail.



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