Increase Your Twitter Social Network With Twiends

twitter traffic money making opportunitiesIf you’re looking for a way to increase your network on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, try Twiends. I think you might have encountered this website many times when you are surfing around online. Twiends has been advertising a lot in Google Adwords lately and the image beside has been appearing in almost every twitter related pages, websites and blogs. Twiends works well at increasing followers at Twitter, Facebook and Youtube because of the introduction strategy used. A simple seeding strategy which allows users to follow and check out interest related topic within Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Sign up is FREE and users are able to login using Twitter account. Once login, users will earn seeds by filling up profile details. The seeds will be use for growing social network like Twitter and Facebook. When others follow you on Twitter, like your fan page on Facebook or tweet about your video on Youtube, seeds will be used. That means you’ll need to get more seeds in order to get more followers, likes and tweets. There are several ways to earn more seeds. You can purchase the seeds directly or earn the seeds for free by referring users to the site, follow others at twitter, like Facebook fan pages and tweet Youtube videos. The minimum seeds offered are set to 2 but you’re free to increase the amount. The increase of seeds offered will definitely gain better results. But still, offering a minimum of 2 seeds is good enough to grow your social network.

Twiends offers a good way to increase Twitter followers but try not to abuse the system. Especially when you’re following others just for the sake of earning the seeds, you will come to a point where you reach the maximum limit of following people. That’s when you start repeating the process of follow and unfollow people at Twitter. The aggressive unfollowing activity will get penalize by Twiends.

P/S: Remember that Twiends purpose is to introduce and develop social network on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. People are free to unfollow and unlike once the seeds are earn. You might be able to get lots of followers and likes at the beginning using the seeds, but if people don’t like what they see, they are free to reverse the process.



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2 Responses to “Increase Your Twitter Social Network With Twiends”

  1. Robert says:

    I agree that it can increase number of followers and likes, however conversion from this is nearly 0, as it is just likes and follows exchange. Most accounts are even fake or used for promotion.

  2. Kumo says:

    Yup. I notice that after using it the next day.