Increase your blog traffic and make money online

There are basically two types of blog traffic. The first type of blog traffic is readers or viewers who visit your blog for the first time. This type of blog traffic is delivered by search engines, emails, links, social network, forums, blogs or websites. It can also delivered offline verbally by people, name cards, newspapers, magazines, books, television or radio. The second type of blog traffic is call return readers or viewers. This type of blog traffic or people found the blog interesting and decided to bookmark the blog and check it out often or once in a while. In order to start making money online, a blog is required to have a lot of traffic. So the question is which type of blog traffic is actually contributing the most in making money online?

In order to gather blog traffic of returning viewers, the first step is to gather first time viewers. This is a simple and basic logic. How many of those first time viewers will be interested to revisit the blog depends solely on the blog content. This is one of the reasons why we need to create good quality content. Good quality content will help rank our blog better in search engine and makes visitors become loyal readers. As the cyber space is expending with lots of new blogs and websites every second, bloggers and site owners are constantly producing good quality content. In other worlds you won’t be the only one blog which has interesting top quality content that people like to read. There are just too many things to read and view online. Internet surfers or viewers have too many options and there is no reason to just stay on one single blog or website. Thus instead of focusing on trying to produce lots of return viewers, it is best to target first time visitors. Visitors come and go. There is no reason to make them stay if they don’t feel like it.

The best way to gather first time viewers is to promote your blog or website. Either it is online or offline, you need to find ways to let people discover and know your blog or website. Good quality content will rank your blog or website better in search engine. Although it is the best way to gather blog traffic, the effect is limited. There are a lot of ways to promote your blog and traffic. Some of the free methods are blog commenting, social networking, participate in forum and guest blogging. Each extra work will help bring in at least one visitor to your blog or website. Thus the amount of hard work you put in determine the number of blog traffic you bring in. Once you start to make money online, you can invest some of the money to do the work of increasing blog traffic. It is a simple equation but kind of hard to maintain the balance for profit. But it is something which proven to work.



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