Increase Traffic using Paper Li and Boost Money Making Opportunities

money making opportunities trafficIn order to make money online blogging, we need to create lots of unique content and drive lots of traffic. Content and traffic are both very important aspects in successfully create online money making opportunities. Although unique content can’t really define as “difficult to produce”, but the process and method of producing unique content is almost the same. We basically just have to keep on learning and updating with information. Output can only be produce when there is input. As for traffic, it’s much more complicated because there are always new methods available to drive traffic. We just have to find the best method which suits us in driving traffic.

Paper Li is a website I stumble upon which enable users to create own newspaper portal using Twitter and Facebook. I find the website interesting because it is able to organize links shared on Twitter and Facebook and turns them into an easy to read online newspaper. Initially we make use of Twitter and Facebook to drive more traffic to our blog. Now we have Paper Li which is able to enhance the effect by selecting and filtering the information from Twitter and Facebook and make it attractive to readers. Other than just promoting our Twitter and Facebook, we can now have a third portal to help drive traffic. Think of it as a different way which enables users to read the information you share on Twitter and Facebook. Check out some of the examples created by users and you’ll notice the potential within. Users are able to personalize the portal by filtering the content and customize the page to make it interesting to read. Readers can subscribe to the portal or embed it to their website or blog. No doubt this is another way to drive traffic.

Paper Li is new and there are still lots of improvement to be done. The site currently supports language in English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and Nederland. One of the most interesting improvements is enabling the use of Google Adsense ads. So it’s a good idea to start working on your news portal and make it popular. Currently it’s about traffic. Once you’ve gather lots of subscriptions, lots of money making opportunities might arises.



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4 Responses to “Increase Traffic using Paper Li and Boost Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Andy says:

    This website is something completely new, I heard about the project few months ago, but after that I’ve lost the URL. I think I am going to join now. It is good idea to keep track on Facebook and Twitter, many things may come from there.

  2. Richard C. says:

    I have been looking for a well detailed idea on how to drive traffic to my new blog for sometime now and I have to say that this post has been very very useful. I hope this will help me get more traffic to my blog as i can’t wait to implement these tips. Thanks a million for this great post!

  3. But you’re not allowed and there’s no way to put ads directly on it right?

  4. Kumo says:

    Yup, this is just for the traffic.