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job hunting money making opportunitiesWeedle is a website for you to get found by people who need your skill. Basically Weedle is like a social community website which connects people with skills to those that needed them. So if you’re a freelancer or a blogger that sell your writing or design skills, Weedle can help to increase your exposure. You may also use this website to help get a full time job too.

Sign up is FREE, so go get a Weedle skills page now. It’s better to have an extra web page online that is able to promote your skill or blog. Weedle gives me a sense that it works more a less like Linkedin. It might not be as popular but still I think creating one extra web page to promote is better than no doing so. One extra effort might just separate you from others and one extra step closer towards success. Just like any other social community network website, you need to fill up your profile, skills, background and other related information. Next you need to get into Weedle network and starts connecting to people around you. You can basically tap into others and try to get more commendations. You may even invite your friends, colleagues and people around to join.

If you provide enough information regarding your skill and experience, it’s easier for others to find you. It’s a place to hunt for a better and suitable job. If you’re looking for some talent or profession for your company, Weedle is the place too. One thing that I like about Weedle is that you can search within the location around you. Lots of profession including engineer, doctors, designers, photographers and accountants can be found easily. Best of all I like it as the website mention it’s easy to be found on Google. I’m not sure how that can be done, but I think the website might be working hard to get a high ranking in Google search engine. Getting another ranking from Google search engine is not a bad idea even if it’s not directly link to your blog. As long as people are able to get to your blog, that’s good enough for me.

Weedle is still at Beta development, which means lots of improvements are needed. Hopefully they will include a window to include blog addresses. You’ll never know if the website can grow into the next big thing online. Better grab your spot early and place a bet.

P/S: Weedle is now become SkillPages.



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