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traffic money making opportunitiesBlogBurst is an opt-in aggregation and syndication service that can bring traffic to blog and website. In particularly if you have a blog that focus on a particular topic, the effect will be greater. BlogBurst can help bloggers gain exposure, visibility and audience by placing posts on major publishers and media destinations in real time. All you have to do is sign up and keep on blogging as usual. BlogBurst will promote your blog at their publisher workbench. Once publishers display your blog content on their site, you’ll get traffic.

Basically publishers can place widget on their site that serves the latest BlogBurst member content. If you write a good quality content post, for sure your blog post will be feature in the catheterized topic. BlogBurst editorial stuff will identify and pre-package preferred blogs and posts in prepared channels called BurstWires for popular topics. That means if your blog or post is chosen, you’ll definitely get lots of traffic. That’s because your blog or post will be display at variety of news and media sites including Aviation Week, Chicago Sun Times, Houston Chronicle, McGraw-Hill, My San Antonio, San Francisco Chronicle, Palm Beach Post and Time Warner. There will be more publishers joining the network as BlogBurst are currently in discussion with them.

This is definitely another way to get more exposure and gain traffic. Judging from the list of publishers, it seems difficult to get into BlogBurst network. First of all the quality of our blog needs to be good. That means no foul languages. The content and language used needs to be friendly and family accepted. No to mention the writing style needs to be intelligent and distinct. Well, the above requirements are expected because your blog will be display at news and media sites. Certain quality and control is needed as it involves reputation and the audiences’ welfare. Just sign up or request an invitation and let the editors review your blog. Let them decide if your blog qualifies.

If your blog is accepted into BlogBurst network, try makes it to the top 100 slots of the leaderboard. Although I’m introducing Blogburst because of the traffic but still no harm going for the money making opportunities too. BlogBurst rewards the top 100 blogs by paying them quarterly. Bloggers can make $50 to $1500 by making into top 100 slots. Payments are done via PayPal. By the way you need to submit tax form if you make more than $150 from the site. That includes non US citizens.

think BlogBurst is suitable for blogs that talks about tech, politics, sports, travel and lifestyle. If your blog focus on a particular topic but never receive much traffic from search engines, perhaps BlogBurst can help up.

P/S: Unfortunately BlogBurst is no longer available.



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  1. Jake says:

    You definitely make my day, this is something that I need. This is a great way to bring some more traffic to my new blogs. It is really great offer, I am not sure, I just sign up, they said, it is by invitation only, but after that the process was fine.