Include a Link of Your Blog In Email Signature

I’m sure all of you have an email account and there are lots of emails coming in and out daily. Did you make full use of your email account or just simply using it for communication only? One thing for sure, you can promote your blog by using the email signature. This function usually can be found under the email options. It shouldn’t be hard for find. Include and save the links of your blogs in your email signature. Once you have done that, all of your out going emails will have the links of your blogs. Anybody who received your emails will have the chance to visit your blogs. You may even design your email signature with graphics and colors to draw the attentions.

You just have to set your email signature once and the next step is sent out as much emails as possible. I’m not saying that you should spam your friends but try to send out useful information. Good things will be shared and that’s what people will do. If you send out useful information, your emails will be forward. Imagine how far your links will go if your emails are being forward on and on. You can also send out festivals email greetings with best wishes to all your friends. Just don’t send out too many emails in one day and so that people will not feel annoyed. It should be fine if you send out interesting or useful information. I’m sure you’ll stumble some interesting sites when you surf the net. Just make full use of it.



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2 Responses to “Include a Link of Your Blog In Email Signature”

  1. Great tip and so true. We use e-mail every day. By utilizing the signature feature we get free traffic for years to come.

    I use it all the time and gave this tip to my mom just recently. She never thought of it and always used her address from one of the free services, nor did she use a signature.

    It’s free to use and easy to set up while bringing some benefits in return.


  2. Kumo says:

    Promoting your blog using email can be very effective if you use it correctly. We just have to be careful not to be included into spam category.