Google provides multi screen resource to help increase traffic

According to the blog post title “Introducing a new multi-screen resource in the AdSense Help Center” from Google Inside AdSense, an average of 15% higher RPM and twice the traffic growth rate can be obtain by optimized for multiple screen sizes. In order to make money online successfully, maximize traffic is a must. If you are having problems or trouble on implementing multi-screen strategy, check out the blog post above. Google has created a new multi-screen guidelines that you can make use of. The guidelines cover multi-screen starter guide and multi-screen implementation guide. The information provided is simple and easy to understand. It is suitable for those who have no idea about multi-screen strategy and just starting to learn about it.

Is it necessary to implement multi-screen strategy? Well, it is a must if you are trying to increase the amount of traffic to your blog or website. Especially if you are trying to target users from smartphone and tablet devices, you will have to make your blog or website easy to view from multiple screen size. Perhaps you might be wondering how it helps to increase traffic by making your blog or website much easier to view. Just do some testing by using multiple smartphone and tablet devices to access your blog or website. If your blog or website is not design to display properly for smaller screen, some mobile browsers might not be able to access your blog or website. It might encounter error when trying to display your blog or website. Another reason to implement multi-screen strategy is because of search engines. A multi-screen implemented blog or website will get a higher search rank from search engine. Remember that a lot of people are using search engine from their mobile devices. Blogs and websites which are unable to display properly on mobile devices will not be listed up front. That means search engine will help bring in traffic by ranking better for sites that implementing multi-screen strategy.



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