Google Launches another Algorithm Change targeted Webspam

If you applied search engine optimization black hat method on your blog or website, you might need to pay attention on Google algorithm latest changes. Check out the blog post title “Another step to reward high-quality sites” from Google Inside Search blog. According to the blog post, sites that are practicing SEO black hat will be experiencing decrease in search ranking and sites with high quality content will be promoted. Blog and website owners should refer to Google’s quality guidelines as reference. Sites that create good user experience and applied SEO white hat method will be benefits from the latest algorithm changes. Although Google indicates that only a few percentages of sites will be affected, but if you are applying SEO black hat, you should be worried. If you are using Google Analytics, keep an eye on the number and statistic changes. You may also check out your site status using Alexa. I suppose the most obvious changes are the top quires from search traffic.

If you notice a drastic drop in traffic, it is time to make some changes on your blog or website. It is never too late to make modification. All you need to do is create good quality content and uses only SEO white hat method. You may also clean up all the SEO black hat method applied previously. Just keep one thing in mind when you are doing modification. Make sure that readers gain benefits visiting your site and you should be on the right track.



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