Google Introduces Matched content to help visitors discover content on your site

Sounds exciting? Maybe not. Your site is required to have multiple pages and high volumes of traffic. In other words, this feature is only available for those sites with big guns only. So what actually matched content do? According to the blog post title “Introducing Matched content: a new way to help your visitors discover content on your site” from Google Inside AdSense, the feature helps visitors to discover relevant articles, spend more time on pages and engage more with content. It basically increases page views and ad impressions. It also might be able to increase ad revenue.

How well this feature turns out we still yet to wait and see. Remember that Google always launches a lot of features but only few of them survive. Just check the previous records and you’ll discover that Google changes and alter their game play always. In my opinion, their main purpose is to increase Google AdSense revenue. If this feature is unable to obtain positive result, it will be terminated. Honestly, I think this feature is unnecessary. A well develop or organize blog or website already has similar feature, especially sites with high volume of traffic. The one which requires help are websites and blogs which are still struggling to obtain traffic. These are the sites which need help to introduce their content to visitors and hopefully increase ads revenue.



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