Getting Traffic from Publicity Wheel?

publicity wheelPublicity Wheel is actually not a banner exchange system. You’ll still doing the same thing like uploading your 125×125 image with the link to your blog and placing a widget to your own blog. So how do you get traffic from Publicity Wheel? Currently a new site will be selected and feature on each category once every 5 days. That means if your blog are selected, your 125×125 image and link will be shown through all the site in the category. That’s a lot of traffic if the category has more than 2000 blogs or sites. You’ll get a peak of traffic within 5 days. Sounds good? The question is how to get selected and featured. Site selection is random. In order to increase the possibility of getting selected, you need to increase the amount tickets. Tickets can be earned when visitors click on the widget in your blog or introducing others into Publicity Wheel. You may also purchase the tickets directly. The more tickets you have, the higher changes you’ll get selected and featured. Once featured, your tickets will reset to zero. That means everybody will get their chances. A low traffic blog will still be featured but might take some time.

The question that all of us might ask is “does it really helps in getting traffic to my blog?” In my opinion, looks like the only time that you’ll get traffic is when you’re featured. If there is a lot of website in your category, for sure there will be a lot of traffic. But it also means that you’ll have a lot of competition. Chances of getting selected will be slim. Even if all the websites taking turns to featured, it will take a long time before you get your turn. Take for example 8000 websites and each of them will be feature for 5 days. If every websites takes turn to featured, it will take 40000 days before going for another round. That’s more than 100 years time for each websites to be featured. Not to mention blogs with more traffic will be feature more often than those low traffic blog.

So the best way to make full use of Publicity Wheel is to choose the largest category and pay for the tickets to get featured. For those low traffic blogs, better choose a smaller group of category.



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