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freelance forum guest postFreelanceFolder is a platform created for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work at home business owners and people who are looking for money making opportunities online. There are articles, forums, jobs, ebooks and posts from freelancers available in this website. It is also a community for discussion and information.

The articles or blog posts at FreelanceFolder is my favorite part. It has lots of information regarding freelancing. You’ll find motivation, tips, guides and inspiration from the blog post. Especially for the post title “Essential Advice from 6 Successful Freelancers”, that’s the article that gives me the motivation to keep on blogging. Although I’m not a freelancer but only a blogger, but still those advices are applicable. You can sign up for their product discount list to get the one and only FREE copy of “Why Some Freelancers Thrive and Others Barely Survive.” Other ebooks from “The Book” page and “Getting Started” page are required to pay for download. Good news about the ebooks is that each of those ebooks cost less than $20.

If you’re a freelancer and wanted to promote your service or post a link to your site, check out the “Job Board” page or the forum. Register and sign up for a FREE account to join the community. There aren’t many jobs available but still it’s good to promote your service. Check out the number of views on each topic and you’ll be able to estimate the traffic gain. You can even consider writing for FreelanceFolder either as a guest blogger or a long term blogger. I’m sure you’ll gain some traffic just by writing couple of guest post.

FreelanceFolder seems like a nice community website but there are still lots of things need to be improved. Personally I like to see more FREE stuff rather then ebooks which we need to pay for download.



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  1. Ken says:

    It is good resource, thanks for sharing mate. Really the information on Freelance folder is very useful.