Free and Paid Advertising in Facebook which Affects Business Opportunities

How do we make use of Facebook for Free advertising? All we have to do is create a Page that describe about products and services we need to sell and promote it. The page needs to update frequently with photos, videos and related news. Promoting the page is simple. We just have to invite people to Like, subscribe or become fans of the page. Once the page has 100 thousand Fans, each time when the page has an update, 100 thousand of walls will be displaying the news. If you calculate the number of Facebook friends available within those 100 thousand Fans, the news actually spread more than just 100 thousand people. Imagine if at least 10 friends within one Fan read the news. It can reach until a minimum of 1000 thousand people. But according to the blog post title “Facebook’s Entire Brand Advertising Business Boils Down to One Number: 16%” from SFGate, only 16% of those fans will actually see that piece of content.

It might be true that only a lower percentage of Fans will see the content because not everything shows up on the Facebook wall. Especially after Facebook starting to make improvements on the account and privacy setting, users are able to decide which to display, block or allowed on their walls. But I think the 16% figure is just estimation. Some pages should be able to reach more people than expected, with some tuning and work effort of cause.

If you like to increase the exposure percentage, try Facebook’s new ad product called Reach Generator. According to the blog post above, it seems to be able to push the advertising effects until 100%. Of cause the advertising campaign cost money. Between the 16% free advertising and the 100% paid advertising campaign, you will just have to try it out in order to find out which brings the best result. If you are a little bit tight on budget, I’m sure the 16% is good enough. Besides, there are lots of ways to improve the 16% exposure.



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