Few simple ways to draw traffic without relying on Google Search Engine

Create good quality content and wait for Google to bring in traffic can be frustrating sometimes. The problem with Google search Engine is that it takes time to deliver traffic to our blog or website. This is not helping especially when we are struggling with motivation. So while we are waiting for Google search engine to do its magic, we should be doing some other work to bring in more traffic. Relying on just Google search engine for traffic is risky. Below are some of the things that you can work to help bring in more traffic.

You can start commenting on blogs. Don’t spam or write short simple comments. You need to read the blog post carefully and write your opinion with at least 4~5 sentences. A good comment will be able to attract people to your own blog. The blog comment will be very effective in attracting traffic if you are able to treat it as writing a normal blog post. The second method is make use of social media online like Facebook, Google plus and Twitter. The amount of traffic gather can be huge even if you focus only on Facebook.

The couple of method presented above is simple and easy. Work on the methods for few weeks and you will see the results. The only challenge is to keep up the work for a long period of time. It can be boring but it is definitely worth the effort.

Check out the infographic below on how to increase traffic using Facebook

how to increase traffic using facebook



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