Example of a man making use of Facebook to become millionaire

Check out the blog post title “How A Man – Once Bankrupt And In Jail – Used Facebook To Become A Millionaire” from Yahoo News. Basically the man launces a site focus on fun and entertaining content. The site isn’t something special or unique. His success is due to the marketing strategy. In order to draws lots of traffic, he makes use of popular social media Facebook. Instead of creating just one Facebook page, he decided to create lots of Facebook pages which do not relate directly to the content of his site. The main purpose is to gather as many LIKES and try to pull as much traffic as possible. Currently the guy owns about 40 Facebook pages and successfully gathers tens of millions of traffic to his site every month. Given the amount of huge traffic gathered, it is not difficult to convert some of the traffic into incomes.

The startup is usually easy when compare to maintaining the source of income. In order to maintain the amount of traffic, it is kind of dangerous to just rely on Facebook alone. Google, Pinterest, Instagram, forums, directories and other sites should become part of the source of traffic. Remember that things changes fast online. Facebook can change their algorithm or strategy any time which can affect the amount of traffic. It is better to prepare for alternative plans before they deploy any changes of updates.

We have seen many people become millionaires by taking advantage of the internet. We also witness many lost everything they earn because they are unable to keep up with the changes. If you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot and jump to the millionaire spot, don’t celebrate too early as you still have a lot of work to do in order to keep the status.



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