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I just stumble on a site call DoFollow. It’s kind of interesting as you can find related dofollow stuff here. The most interesting part about this site is the dofollow site directory. There are only 100 plus websites listed as the site is new and at beta stage. Well, at least it will take you some time to go over all the dofollow sites listed. But then when you do a search on dofollow, you’ll get tons of dofollow related sites and information. If you compare it with Dofollow, the site really needs to add more information. The topic is good but the content might need more work. The Dofollow site does have potential and lots of room to expend. All you need is more useful content and of cause more sites in the directory. This is an example of a good topic but lack of content. Let’s give it a few more months and see how the site turns out.

P/S: You can add your blog or site to the directory for free, just that your blog or site needs to be dofollow.



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2 Responses to “Everthing about DoFollow”

  1. elf_fu says:

    It’s amazing the things you pick up from follow bloggers that you’d otherwise miss! Great find, thanks for sharing the dofollow directory!

  2. Kumo says:

    Well, everybody knows something that you don’t know. Plus we don’t know everything. There are always something useful that we can get from any blog. Just that we have to look for them.