Get more Traffic with EntreCard

entrecardEntreCard is a new site with new method to promote your blog. I am very impress with the method that this site uses to promote our blog. The results are very obvious and direct. Not special algorithm to place your ads. The whole system is base on your blog popularity, your hard work and first come first serve basis.

First you create a 125×125 button that represent your blog. Sign up EntreCard and place the required Widget on to your blog. Next you can go around clicking on ‘Drop Yours’ on others blog. This will earn you credits that you need to advertise on other blogs. So, the more you click the more credits you get.

The credits that you earn can be use to advertise in other people blogs. This is where your 125×125 button comes in. The button will appeared at the blog chooses for 24 hours each time you purchased. Meaning that you are able to get a 125×125 button ads of your blog buy just using the credits you earn. Some of the well known blogs like JohnChow, Problogger and Shoemoney required more then $100 just to place the button directly without going through EntreCard. So hurry up and make your reservation now. As EntreCard is still new and the credits needed to place the button at the 3 blogs above are just about 100 credits, it is still possible for you to grab a spot. I am sure after a month you’ll need at least 1000 credits for the spot and there will be a long waiting list. It is going to be difficult to grab the spot later on.



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8 Responses to “Get more Traffic with EntreCard”

  1. dunn says:

    Good post. Will link to this post.
    Thank’s for sharing.

  2. Kumo says:

    Thanks dunn. Please drop by again.

  3. dunn says:

    I had subscribed to you via email. Will try to drop by to your site whenever you have new post. You always have good content for your post.

  4. waigs says:

    EntreCard is really impressive

  5. Kumo says:

    It sure is. I’ll say it’s one of the best traffic generate that I’ve seen.

  6. Shaun says:

    Found your site on Entrecard, you dropped me a card. How have you found it so far? I’ve had some decent traffic and comments posted so pretty impressed with it.

  7. Kumo says:

    Well, it seems to working good on getting me lots of traffic. So far so good. I think next is to see how well the site deals with tons of sign up they’ll get. Surely there will be some changes and lets see what the site going to do.

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