Effect of 300 Entrecard drops per day

I have been dropping 300 cards per day for about a month and here’s the result of what I get in return. There are few things that new blogs can gain benefits from doing this. First of all the increase of Alexa ranking because of the traffic you get. It doesn’t matter what kind of traffic you get, it’s the graph of Alexa that matters. Once you are one of the popular sites among Entrecard then you’ll get more then just 300 Entrecards credit. The more credits you get, the more advertising you get. Once you have the traffic then it’s up to your blog content and presentation to make your visitors stay and have a look at your blog. If your blog is new then Entrecard is one of the best social networks to promote your site. Check out below for the statistic of my blog.

P/S: You can get help from others to do the 300 clicks per day.

entrecard statistic

P/S: EnreCard is no longer available.



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35 Responses to “Effect of 300 Entrecard drops per day”

  1. Mike Huang says:

    Great post…now it’s my turn to get it going 🙂

    I’m gonna use Sitehoppin’ to hop all 300 sites lol


  2. turnip says:

    I’ve experienced a similar alexa gain also dropping 300 cards per day. For some reason your alexa numbers crashed way down today. Was your site down yesterday?

  3. Kumo says:

    I was experiencing some difficulties in accessing some sites yesterday. Seems to me that the traffic was congested. A lot of sites are slow including Entrecard, PayPerPost, Blogger and Spicypage. Project Wonderful and Smorty are unable to login too. Things kind of getting better this morning.

  4. KiwiPulse says:

    I wrote an post about it yesterday but your chart seem more relevant than mine. yes it does increase my Alexa Rank since im using Entrecard. Free Luv Traffics! 😀

  5. Kumo says:

    Thanks. I think the biggest benefits that I gain is the Alexa ranking.

  6. Chris Schaffer says:

    Great look at what we might very well start calling the “Entre Effect” and card dropping. I know I’ve had amazing results on Alexa and with more comments I am now much more able to adjust my content to actually be more engaging to keep readers and myself interested!

  7. Arohan says:

    Yep, Alexa seems to work specially for a new blog or a pseudo new-blog like mine (new domain). The traffic is a due to a 2-fer, Entrecard droppers as well as the regular traffic you get from the ads that you are placing

    However, my CTR on adsense has suffered. But I will take more traffic and readers any day as that will indeed result in better earnings in the future

  8. Matt Ellsworth says:

    Very nice! Thats a pretty cool stat I never really even thought of. But great to know.

  9. Mitch at Money News says:

    Yea, my adsense ctr has gone down, but I’ve been replacing adsense with cpm ads which works out a little bit better, but still not by much. I’ve been wondering what kind of stats people get when they drop 300 cards a day. Thanks for the info.

  10. Kumo says:

    My adsense also suffered. That is why I removed them. I rather go for the traffic then try to safe adsense. Building other source of income is much more better then depending on adsense.

  11. Debby says:

    I was wondering what the stats would be for someone that drops 300 cards. Thanks for letting us know.

    If you gain a few readers through all of your work it will be worth all of the time it takes to drop 300 cards.

    I am sure you found some good blogs along the way that you read now too.

  12. Jason Benway says:

    How long does it take to drop 300 cards? I think the most I’ve been able to drop in a day is about 40! LOL


  13. Kumo says:

    Took me about half an hour to do it. That is without having to read anything on the blogs.

  14. It’s funny, I just blogged not only about Entrecard – but about Toast Egg & Me! I was talking about 300 per day card droppers and more – check out the Economy of Entrecard – Worth it or Worthless?.

  15. Kumo says:

    Thanks JTPRATT. That’s quite a long post you have there.

  16. mariam says:

    Sorry if I’m being dense but how does Adsense work with CTR?

    I do have Adsense on my blog but I am not serious about it and haven’t had the time to study monetization.

    So what if your CTR rate drops? It’s just a % number or are you guys saying that a low % will affect how much Google pays you?

  17. Kumo says:

    Well, first of all you need to be serious if you want to earn some money from Adsense. Earning from Adsense has become difficult as many changes has been done by the company. I think you shouldn’t have to worry about CTR or the numbers. Just work hard trying and testing out your blog. There are no guarantees on what method will increase your Adsense earnings. The best way is to improve the quality of your blog.

  18. Matt Ellsworth says:

    I have been aiming for 300 per day as well. It seems to take me closer to an hour for 1 reason… I have a slow internet connection… that and I try to read some of the blogs and leave a few comments as I see fit.

  19. Kumo says:

    You can try split into 3 section to complete the 300 drop cards. Schedule 3 different time to drop 100 cards each.

  20. pmonchet says:

    Thanks you. I’ll try to do this 300 per day drop.

  21. wangbu says:

    This strategy logarithmically pushed my Alexa ranking. As much as possible I drop 300 cards a day. It gives me more credits to advertise on other blogs giving my blog greater exposure.

  22. Kumo says:

    Plus if you have great content then viewers will return. Traffic + Content will put your blog up front.

  23. Lee says:

    Interesting. Is there a cap on 300 drops? I tried finding it in the faq but could not see anything.

  24. Kumo says:

    I think they still haven’t update the FAQ yet. You can check how many drops you make from the statistic. Plus you’ll get a message “300 per day” when you reach the limit.

  25. joanne says:

    Gee, I can’t quite get to 300, how do you do it?

  26. Kumo says:

    Well, if you have a high speed internet line then it will speed up things. I’m using ADSL broadband of 1M.

  27. Mike says:

    Good Idea. I don’t have 300 credits to drop everyday but I might as well drop the ones that I have.

  28. Kumo says:

    Well, we all do out best to get as much traffic.

  29. madWAHM says:

    I can only do about 40 drops per day. It’s hard for me to do “chain-dropping” or whatever its called because I’m always stopping to read the blogs that interest me. Often times I get wrapped up in a new blog I found and totally forget what I was doing.

    I have found so many new and great blogs from Entrecard – I love it.

    The Adsense CTR concerns me though… I’ll have watch this.

    Thanx for the advice!

  30. Kumo says:

    You’ll get lots of great info even if you don not reach 300 drops. Lots of benefits you’ll get in between the process.

  31. doing 300 drops is alot of time, i wold rather spend it on building backlinks, yet Entrecard is a great program, and it drives some traffic to my blog 😀

  32. Kumo says:

    After EntreCard makes some changes on their rules, we need to reevaluate the 300 drops effect.

  33. Dave Lucas says:

    Wondering how you feel about EC now, in 2010?

  34. Kumo says:

    Outdated with not much improvement.

  35. R.O.M.E.L.O. says:

    EC in 2010 is still good specially for newer blogs. 🙂