Does Social Media Improve Site Search Engine Ranking?

Does social media really can improve site ranking within search engine results? Yes, social medial like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ definitely have something to do with site ranking. However, the question of how much it influences site ranking is an unknown. As a result, it is better to implement as much social media connection as possible. But still, there are so many social media website available online. It is impossible to stay active in every social media website. Even if we just pick one social media website trying to connect and reply to every user, it still takes up a lot of time and energy.

Here’s what we should do with all the social media website available online. Sign up every social media website that you can think of and comes by. Fill up the profiles and insert your site URL. Especially for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, complete the profiles and add some connection or friends. Finally pick one social media website that you like and be active. Keep a list of all the social media websites that you have sign up and log in once in a while just to make some connection. Try to link you blog so that your latest blog post appears in all the social media sites that you sign up. Social media sites like Facebook and Google+ enable user to create a page for blog or website. Make use of this feature.

P/S: The presence of social media sites affects search engine ranking of a site. But try not to go all over by spamming the people you connected.



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