Dealing with Comment Spam, Stopping Manual Spam or Taking advantage on Spam

When you decided to start or create a blog, comment spam is the one thing that comes along. Those that own a blog will surely have to deal with comment spam. As placing comments is a way to generate backlinks, it is considered as a SEO way to bring more traffic. Lately it seems comment spam has evolved into a so call “Smart comment spam” that gets through the popular Akismet filtering. Let’s take a look on what kind of “Smart comment spam” that we get nowadays.

First is the positive tone comment spam.

“Nice post”, “Great post”, “Nice info”, “Thanks for sharing”, “I like your post, will be back for more”, “I enjoy reading your post”…etc

These kinds of comments basically categorize as “Don’t have to read the post to comment.” These comments can either delete or let it be, you decide. What makes these comments categorize into spam are the links and names. Some of these comments just links to sales page, casino or any other page that is not from a simple normal blog. As for the name field, key words are used instead of names. That’s also for the sake of SEO.

It’s easy to filter out those auto comments spam as Akismet spam filter can block mostly all of them. The problem lies with those manual comments spam. These days many are hired just to place comments on blogs. These so call comment professionals write good praises which sometimes I’m hesitated in deleting them. The best example that I get are comments from the famous John Chow. Yes, that’s right, the famous The links are exactly the same but the name filed is stated “making money blogs” and the email is I assume that’s not John Chow himself but somebody that he hired to place comments on blogs, and that’s not the only person that he hired.

As there are so many comments that seem like spam, just how do we draw the line between spam and comment? I’ll leave this for you to decide but I do have three suggestions that might help you in fighting spam.

You can try set up a comments policy using a WordPress plugin. Using the WordPress Comments Policy plugin you’re able to list out a guideline of comments. It looks something like this. The plugin might not do the filtering but it tells your readers which comments you will delete. Probably might help in reducing the manual comments spam.

Another WordPress plugin that you can try out is Manual Spam Blocker. It helps to reduce manually comments spam by stopping backlink builders from commenting. The Manual Spam Blocker closes the comments function of your blog if visitors arrived from search query that contains “post comment” or similar. That means if visitors found your blog just for the sake to comment, the comment function will be closed.

The third method is to edit the spam comments. You can basically change the links of the comments by placing it with the link to your other blogs. It does sound a bit evil but this is just fighting fire with fire. If those comments really are spam, they probably won’t care much about it. Perhaps you can use this method to find out which comments are for real. You’ll know that when you’ll get people complaining about the comments they placed.

P/S: I deleted lots of comments in this blog as I’m still trying to set the line between comments and spam. Sorry about that.



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2 Responses to “Dealing with Comment Spam, Stopping Manual Spam or Taking advantage on Spam”

  1. Walter says:

    I am lax with the comments coming in from my blog because I rely on Akismet. However, there are times when I get suspicious that I visit the link to verify its nature. 🙂

  2. Kumo says:

    I visit those links too. We get all sort of website and blogs once our blog rank high in Google.