Dealing with Backlinks issues and reconsideration requests from Google

In order to increase traffic to our blog or site, it is recommended that we try to increase the number of good quality backlinks. That means we should try to build up links in high quality sites with related topic that point to our own blog or site. Few years ago when Google search algorithm is young and not as complicated as today, there is only one simple formula to increase traffic to our blog or site. Blog or site owners just have to increase the amount of backlinks regardless of where or how the links are place. Thus an increase of huge amount of traffic over night can be done easily when lots of linking is done.

Now that Google has improved their algorithm and make it much more complicated, their rules become more detail and complicated as well. If you use to build lots of backlinks without considering the quality or topic of the site, or having to notice a sudden drop of traffic, login Google Webmaster Tools and check if you’ve receive a notification of violation. If you really do receive a violation notification, follow the instruction provided and file a reconsideration request. But before you do, check out the quality guidelines and make sure that you’ve clean up all the unnatural links that you’ve manually placed. Tracing back all those backlinks and trying to remove them is troublesome and takes time. Check out the blog post title “Backlinks and reconsideration request” from Google Webmaster Central Blog for info and recommendation.

As a blogger or a site owner, we should focus or concentrate more on creating good quality content. No doubt it is also very important that we built up lots of backlinks that can help generate traffic to our blog or site. The more traffic the site gets, the greater the earning potential the site gain. Sadly history proves this is not always the case. Remember that Google algorithm is constantly changing and updating. The rules that apply to creating backlinks might alter as time goes by. That means the backlinks that site owners created today might attract traffic today but may harm their search ranking tomorrow. So instead of focus on creating backlinks, I suggest it is best to just focus on creating good quality content.

P/S: No doubt Google search engine is great in generating lots of traffic, but there are also lots of ways to promote and introduce your blog or site to the world. Now that smartphone and tablet devices are blooming, try make use of online social network such as Facebook and Twitter for more exposure and traffic.



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