Choosing the right suitable links that point to our blog or website?

It is said that if your blog or website has a lot of links pointing back, it will increase page rank and put your site on the first page of search result. Few years ago the rules of the game is simple. We just have to increase the number of backlinks without considering where the links are from. It is the number of the backlinks a site has that determines the winner of the game.

After years of upgrading and improving Google search algorithm, the rules of the game have change. Only backlinks from good quality sites will benefit our blog or website. Low quality sites that have links pointing at your site will not bring any benefits and instead might causes harm. And if you purchase links or generate lots of links by spamming other blogs or websites, your site might drop to the last page of search result.

Due to the new rules of the search engine, bloggers and site owners are now trying to reverse the links generated years ago. Removing all the spamming links, stop purchasing links and contacting other site owners to have their links remove. Instead of trying to increase links, we are now focusing on removing all the bad links that are pointing to our site. It is a bit funny, but sadly that is the way the game is play right now.

Honestly, I just felt like we are being play by Google. What happens if a huge number of links are being removed by every bloggers and site owner in the world? Will the rules of the game change again? If you are seriously trying to make money online, don’t get carry away by the rules of the game. You should just focus on winning the game instead of worrying about the rules of the game. So the question is how to be good in playing the game and win it? As in this case, the best way is to create good quality content or values for viewers.

P/S: A low quality site might become a good quality site. Instead of worrying about the links and trying to filter all the links, it is better to just focus on creating good quality content. Remember that our site will always stay on top of first page search result if viewers find values from our site. Do we really have to concern about low quality sites linking to our site? If so, that’s a lot of work and it’s not adding any values to our site.



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