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page loading speed testOne of the things that affect page ranking is page loading time. In order to qualify as a high quality site and secure a high page ranking, we need to shorten the page loading time as much as possible. This is one of the factors most publishers miss out while trying to create high quality content and monetize the site. Blog or website usually has very fast loading speed when they are constructed purely with text. But when publishers starting to insert images, videos, Java script, CSS code, HTML code and other embed material into the site, loading speed generally will increase due to the complication. And most of the time publishers do not know which part of site or code is dragging down the loading speed. If Google catches your site with long loading speed, quality score of the site will be affected. Thus it is best to confirm your site loading speed using Pingdom and take appropriate action to keep the loading speed as fast as possible.

It is very easy to perform test on site loading speed with Pingdom. You just have to insert a URL or link into the white box and press the “Test Now” button. It requires just a few second to perform the test and you will get the results in detail. You can also save the test and make it public. Some of the information that you can gain from the test include load time, page size, requests done and grading. You need to pay attention on the requests done to load the page because this is the part that tells us exactly where the loading speed increases. In most cases, java scripts usually are the one responsible for increasing the page loading speed. And most of the time it is something that we copy and paste from other sites or embed. One of the examples that cause a long loading speed on my page is the images that I embed which require long loading time from other sites. I manage to reduce the loading speed by transferring the images to my own blog server so that the loading can be done directly.

It is best to perform the page loading speed test regularly so that you can be sure the site loading speed is within acceptable time always. The test also enables blog or website owners to detect if there are any other problems within the site. Other than the full page loading speed test, Pingdom also has other tools which enable users to test network connectivity to a server and DNS setting for a domain name. By the way, all the tools mention above are FREE to use.



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