Boost Your Search Engine Ranking With Automatic Backlinks

traffic money making opportunitiesAutomatic Backlinks is a new service that can perform link exchange automatically. Basically you have to place a code at your blog or website to earn Link Credit. This Link Credit enables you to setup campaigns to place your link at other blog or website. The higher the page rank of your blog or website the more Link credits you earn.

Automatic Backlinks works almost the same like the old fashion manual link exchange that we always did. The so call automatic is that we setup the campaigns by providing the necessary information like URL and Keywords. Our link will appear on other blog or website once the condition of exchanging links matches our requirement. The first step of using Automatic Backlinks is to earn Link Credits. There are two choices that we can get Link Credits. We can place a display code in our blog or website to earn Link Credits or we can purchase it directly. I would suggest that we use the FREE method of earning Link Credits because in order to keep our links continue to display on other blog or website, we have to supply the Link Credits monthly. In other words if you’re paying for Link Credits, you have to purchase it monthly to keep your links display continuously. That is why I suggest going with the FREE method which is earning Link Credits by placing code at your blog or Website. The code enables you to display text links of other website or blog. You earn more Link Credits if your blog or website has a higher page rank. Remember that the page rank is specifically referring to the page where you place the code. This way you can earn Link Credits each month and use it in your campaign to place your link at other blog or website. By the way you need to have at least a page rank 1 to earn Link Credits.

Placing the link display codes at your blog or website might need some work. The links are display as plain text anchors and you can place it in as many pages that you like. You may also filter and choose the links displayed. Automatic Backlinks works on almost any blog or website that runs in PHP. You can download the codes according to the system that you are running such as WordPress 2.2+, WordPress 2.8+, Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.0, Drupal 6+ and PHP 4+. These are ready to install modules which make it easy for you to insert the codes. Currently Automatic Backlinks does not support Blogger or Blogspot.

No doubt Automatic Backlinks is a good way to built backlinks, especially for those blog or website that has only page rank 1. This method allows low page rank website or blog to place their links at higher page rank website or blog. One good quality link from a high page rank website or blog can actually help to increase traffic.

P/S: In order to get more backlinks, you need to increase the earning of Link Credits. In order to do that you have to increase the links display on your own pages. Judging by the method used, there is a limit of the numbers of backlinks that we can get. You might only get 1~2 backlinks If you try to place your link at a high page rank website or blog.



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3 Responses to “Boost Your Search Engine Ranking With Automatic Backlinks”

  1. Marie says:

    I have yet to try using automated backlinks. I’ve been using to find blogs and articles to link build on and find it to be a great SEO tool.

  2. Andy says:

    This is not a new service, probably 2-3 years old and it is completely useless. I even think it is blacklisted by Google. A friend of mine try it for his website and the SERP completely crash. I do not suggest for serious projects. Don’t forget the first principle of link building. Quality link building takes time.

  3. Kumo says:

    Thanks for sharing. It seems that the best way is still the old fashion way of link building.