Analyzing and Measuring Site is a must to be success in Making Money Online

Before I started to analyze and measuring my blog, I have no idea how my blog performs. The only lead that I have is the monthly blog earning. That means my blog performance is judge by the amount of money earn through Google Adsense, affiliate products, direct advertising and other methods of income. I have to say it is like spreading the fishing net into the big wide ocean hoping there are fish underneath. This method did not help increase my earnings but instead making the earnings fluctuated from time to time. Finally I decided to use Google Analytics, Alexa and other online measuring tools to see what’s really happening with my blog. The first thing that I notice is my keywords. Immediately I modified my blog and tune my keywords so that it matches the topic or the focus of my blog. This instantly helps my blog to rank well in search engine. This is the first step I did after analyzing my blog and it helps bring in quality traffic. Next I begin to focus on search queries of my blog, bounce percentage, audience location and clickstream. And I’m still doing it until today. There is lots of information we can gather especially from Google Analytics. We just need to be patient and consistently monitor the changes while tuning our site little by little. Just keep the work up for at least 3~4 month and you’ll be able to see the changes within. Check out the blog post title “Five keys to success for measuring your website” from Google and Your Business Blog. You’ll find the five keys very useful.

  1. Identify your goal and track them correctly.
  2. Become a conversion detective.
  3. Get to the bottom of your bounce rates.
  4. Discover important audience locations.
  5. Make the most of mobile traffic.



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