Adding Google Plus One to Money Making Opportunities Blog

The Google +1 button was introduced back in March 2011. The idea sounds good and there were a lot of feedbacks, recommendations and opinions regarding the potential usage and misused. No doubt the +1 button is similar with Facebook Like button and judging from the experience we all have with Facebook, we can roughly see the impact of +1 button towards Google search engine. Google search engine optimization strategy will now have a new assignment for bloggers. We have to include Google +1 button to our money making opportunities blogs and gather as many clicks as possible. When visitors +1 our blog or pages, it helps to increase traffic by standing out in Google search results. So start placing Google +1 button in your blogs now. Check out the blog post title “Add +1 to help your site stand out” from Google Inside Adsense Blog for more information about Google +1 button and how to place it in your blogs. Currently the Google +1 annotations only appear for English search results but soon will be introduced to other languages. As the +1 button already supported in 44 languages, you can go ahead and install the +1 button code now.

Google +1 button already begin to implement in Android market, Blogger, Product Search and YouTube. I suppose Google +1 button will continue to introduce into other Google products later this year. Lots of changes and adjustment needs to be done if we are to stay on top of money making opportunities online. It will be wise to start study and researching on the effects of Google +1 button.



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3 Responses to “Adding Google Plus One to Money Making Opportunities Blog”

  1. Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog says:

    With one click to rate a post can be menmberikan opportunities to make money, this is a very creative idea.

  2. Ross says:

    Google+ implementation is a must, I am not sure when it will become really important and I am afraid that black hat webmasters will start doing some crazy schemes to get more clicks.

  3. Kiwisaver says:

    Google Plus one is really going to open a whole world opportunity. I think it is like “like” button in facebook.