5 Steps to Money Making Success on Social Media

This is a guest post by Carlo J. Penman.

Social media is one of internet’s contributions to the advancement of society and business. It has reinvented the method of communication and social interaction. One suitable example is Facebook, the leader of the social networking industry. It has over 900 million users because of features that allow people around the world to reconnect. Old schoolmates get in touch, families become closer and friends get updates from each other’s lives.

But do you know who or rather what benefits the most? It’s both local and international business. Like for the average people, social networks pave the way for brands to reach their audience and make money with little cost and less effort. Then again, no matter how simple the task may seem, if the plan is not well-made and executed, somewhere in the way, your business will lose track of its goal.

In order to avoid such catastrophe, here are five (5) things to follow to facilitate successful leads and sales generation for your business.

1.    Don’t post for the sake of having something to post.

Content is king. A lot of businesses often misunderstood this as throwing a barrage of posts on their pages, which is 100 percent wrong. No matter how many content you post but if they are all senseless, it wouldn’t improve your position in the market. Do you know why? It’s because no one would bother with brands that do care about what their customers want.

2.    Don’t remove negative comments, respond appropriately.

Negative comments are always inevitable. Believe it when leaders say that no one can please everyone because that is the truth. However, your credibility and status will only thrive if and when you know how to handle negative press. What must you do? You must accept the criticism and respond as politely and as objectively as you can, so people will know you are an honest brand, with nothing to hide.

3.    Study what your audience is doing/posting.

How would you know if your audience will buy your products? It’s simple. Know what they want and need. Most often you will learn of it through their posts and the content they are sharing. So before you launch into a sales pitch to make money, study your potential buyers first.

4.    Ask audience and users to like page and posts.

According to reports, asking users to “like” social pages and posts will get brands 216% higher interaction rate. Basically, the perception that asking people to like in order to increase Facebook likes or spread content does not make you appear desperate at all. In fact, it helps you get noticed more, which in the long run will help you boost interaction and engagement.

5.    Grab attention with images

Studies reveal that photos or images generate 200% higher interaction rate because of the way people respond positively to pictures rather than to text. Why is that? It’s because images give them freedom and room for personal interpretation, which allow them the chance for self-expression. So vary your post from time to time (images, texts and videos) to entertain your audience and keep them hooked on your page.

Although social media marketing appears tough, making money out of it becomes easy overtime when you get the drift of each network. Start learning how to monetize Twitter and Facebook by mastering them. And remember that each has its own features that you can leverage to earn more revenues to your business.

Guest Author:

Carlo J. Penman, Marketing Head at Socialyy

Socialyy is an online service provider that caters to small businesses who want to buy YouTube views, Twitter followers and Facebook fans to build a strong presence online. The whole of Socialyy aims to provide social amplification alongside marketing campaigns.



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