2 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Buying Blogs Over Paid Links

This is a guest post by Brenda Lyttle.

It’s a rat race for reaching the top of the ranking list in the Google search result page and webmasters, company owners and bloggers are ready to pay through their nose for this purpose. This practice has seen an upsurge in the number of people who prefer buying links over buying blogs.

While buying links and spending your way to the top has its gains, the resulting losses from it are numerous too. This problem has been intensified with Google failing to identify these spam links. Here are 2 reasons why link buying should be avoided irrespective of how appealing it seems:

1.     Links Are Overpriced

Empirical observation over many blog posts and links has shown that buying links is grossly overpriced. For example, there are half decent and not-so-popular posts which get offered hundreds of dollars by webmasters to put in links to their websites. So you can well imagine that if a not so efficient post is commanding hundreds of dollars as link prices, what will be the amount for a popular post! Literally, thousands of dollars are spent by webmasters and various companies in order to buy these links.

Buying a blog is much more cost effective, suggests the experts at SEOmiracle.com, which is a cost-effective seo reseller firm based in Miami. It will provide you similar kind of internet publicity and Google ranking without needing to empty your bank account. Here is a simple calculation to make it easy for you:

Assume that you want a single keyword phrase along with a few slight modifications of it. You will need 50 unique root domains for this purpose. You can divide these 50 into 2 categories:

  • 35 low quality root domains with an estimated $100 payment (per domain). This amount is a onetime payment.
  • 15 high quality root domains which will be priced at $100 (per domain) too. This amount will be on-going in the form of monthly payments.

So what is your total yearly cost? (35*100) + (15*100*12) = $21,500.

Just imagine, how many medium and small scale webmasters and companies can afford this amount of money on internet publicity every year? Even if they can, is it helping them reach the breakeven point?

2.     Link Buying Is Risky

So what are you gaining after shelling out the exorbitant amount of $21,500? You are being susceptible to the risk of Google completely ignoring your links in their search results. Recent development of Google+ and its integration of the social aspect to the search results have resulted in Google ignoring posts with links which redirect to websites with no traffic or low quality content.

Moreover Google+ doesn’t take into account any links when they are fetching search results. It concentrates on the natural content of the post which makes you vulnerable to the risk that your links will be ignored in the face of overwhelming natural posts.

Though link buying isn’t showing any downward trend owing to Google’s habit to ignore them, you can rest assured in the near future blogs will be a better method to publicize on the internet.



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