10 ways to increase traffic from Google

Create good quality content. It has been and always is the basic foundation or concept of getting traffic from Google search engine. The keywords and phrases must be there to build the structure of good quality content. Simple and easy words will do as long as readers find it resourceful and helpful. But if your writing ability is good and able to produce articles close to a thesis, by all means please do so. You may strive to appear in Google in depth articles feature. This is the where Google define high quality content.

Create 1 blog post per day. It is difficult to produce 1 blog post per day while trying to maintain high quality content. That is the challenge in order to get high amount of traffic. You can start by producing 1 blog post per 3 or 4 days. Maintain the quality of the blog content while trying to speed up your writing ability. Remember that it is not worth sacrifice the quality of blog content by trying to achieve 1 blog post per day. It is best to choose a comfortable blogging rhythm and maintain the quality of blog content.

Comment on other blogs. Yes, it is very important to get a backlink from a higher page ranking blog. It is also very important that you write the comment properly. That means you are actually sharing your opinion or really have something to say about it. Others who find your comment interesting will trace back to your blog.

Create videos on YouTube and link it back to your site. Obviously it is better to produce videos with topics that related to your blog. Making slide videos presenting blog content, guides and tips works fine too. Remember to give proper title and description for all video produced. The right keywords will lead the right traffic or audiences to your video and to your blog.

Give proper title and description for pictures and photos. The concept is the same as videos. People who uses Google search engine might trace the photos or pictures back to your blog.

Apply Google authorship. Although this does not guarantee an increase of traffic, it does help to showcase your blog better. A right photo can help increase click through rate.

Improve site speed. No doubt about it as site speed is one of the ranking factors Google considers. Site loading speed needs to be fast not just on laptop but also tablet and smartphone devices.

Configure site for tablet and smartphone devices. Check if you site loads properly using tablet and smartphone devices. You need to consider not just normal search ranking but also mobile search ranking.

Active and make use of social network Googe+. Just like Facebook you need to circle around Google+. The goal is to get as many people follow your site. Expand your Google+ network and share content related to your blog.

Find out how Google brings traffic to site and follow their rules. This has been a normal and must practice for all who tries to rank better in Google search engine. Failing to do so will witness a decreasing of traffic. Especially when Google changes their search algorithm, you can feel a significant change in traffic.



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