10 Backlinks generating strategies that Google not recommended

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging, the amount of traffic generated determines the amount of money you re able to earn. So how do successful bloggers generate huge amount of traffic? First is to create unique content that attracts readers. Next is to promote and introduce the blog to as many people as possible. One of the important steps is to work on SEO or search engine optimization. That means making use of search engine to make it easy for others to find the blog or website. When it comes to SEO, building lots of high value backlinks is crucial. There are many ways that we can build backlinks but try not to go against Google’s guidelines. Google has a long list of guidelines and they are always updating and increasing the number of list. Your blog or website will be penalized if Google catches you. Below are 10 common backlinks strategies you shouldn’t try.

  1. Buying links that passes page rank
  2. Making use of articles directories to build backlinks
  3. Building backlinks with low quality guest posting
  4. Making use of automatic backlinks generator
  5. Building backlinks from low quality blog or website
  6. Exchange links with other blog or website
  7. Making use of widget to build backlinks
  8. Building backlinks from blog or website of irrelevant topic
  9. Having dofollow backlinks as sponsored articles or posts
  10. Building backlinks at low quality web directories

It seems that when certain methods of building backlinks are being exploited, Google will notice and take action. I suppose the best way of building backlinks is to write good quality content so that others will try to share it at their blog by linking the post.

Remember that the 10 actions listed above will be penalized by Google. That means your blog or website will rank poorly in Google search engine. You can still try it out unless you are not depending on Google search engine to generate traffic to your blog or website.

P/S: Can we actually still be able to make money online without depending on Google Search Engine?



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