You do not need a website to bring your business online

“Bring your local business online – no website required” That is the title of the latest blog post from Google Webmaster Central Blog. That is true if you know how to make use of what’s online. There are a lot of free tools, sites and application that you can make use to promote your business online. One of the best examples is Google My Business. You just need to claim your business using land phone and address. Your business will then appear on Google map which customers have a chance to search your business via Google search engine. Google My Business also enables business owners to showcase their business via photos and videos. There is also a review section which allows customers to rate your business. If you are interested to create more videos about your business, you can make use of YouTube by creating a channel specifically for all the videos about your business.

If you are active at Facebook, just create a page for your business and request your friends to LIKE it. Or if you are interested in taking photos, perhaps Instagram might be suitable to promote your business. Other suggestions include participating in forum, list your business on directories and you can even hire bloggers to write about your business.

P/S: If you don’t know about anything above or don’t have any idea how to get your business online, just ask a favor from a college student. They should be able to do it. Or you can just hire them to do all the online marketing and promoting work.



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