XHTML and CSS Reference by Example from HtmlPlayground

htmlplaygroundHtmlplayground is the best reference that I found online so far. I don’t know much about programming and I’m really bad at CSS. That is the reason why this blog is not so good looking. Any changes that I try to make on this blog will took me at least half a day to do it. That is why I always search for references that can make things simple and easy for me. So far I’ll say that Htmlplayground is the best. There are 2 types of references in Htmlplayground, they are XHTML and CSS. Most of the time I will be using the CSS property list from the site. Whenever I need to make changes on my blog, I’ll just browse through the CSS property list. When checking the list, description and example code will be display on the right side. That makes it easy to find the right function even if you are not familiar with programming. You can then just copy the example code and modified it for your usage. There is also an example results to show the modification you have done. You can test out the function on the site before trying it out on your blog. It will save you a lot of time and reducing the risk of messing up your blog.

This is really a good site for beginners and bloggers that don’t know much about CSS or programming. This site helps me a lot when I started to use WordPress and hosting my own blog. I’m still using it right now as it is really a simple reference to use.

P/S: Unfortunately Htmlplayground is no longer available.



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