xFruits RSS Tools Compose Money Making Opportunities

rss feed tools money making opportunitiesxFruits RSS Tools provides lots of help in searching and creating money making opportunities. The tools are able to compose all you money making opportunities information by making full use of RSS. Currently there are 11 features which you can play around with RSS. You can create your own usage of RSS tools just by mixing up or combining the features. Take a look at each of the functions carefully and I’m sure you’ll instantly think of a unique way of using it. I’ll give you an example once I list all 11 functions or bricks.

Aggregator RSS
Combine several different RSS, Atom or OPML feeds into one single feed.
Changes syndication feed into HTML web page.
RSS to Mobile
Changes RSS feeds into mobile website version.
Post to RSS
Changes emails received from an xFruits mailbox into a single RSS feed.
Creates PDF file from RSS feed.
RSS to Mail
Changes the RSS feed into email and send it to your mailbox.
Gather several RSS feeds and creates an OPML file
OPML to Mobile
Changes OPML feed to mobile browser web page.
Mail to RSS
Changes unread emails to RSS feed
RSS to Voice
Changes RSS feed into voice by VocalFruits service.
RSS to My Blog
Publish RSS feeds into blog content.

The last brick “RSS to My Blog” is the most interesting function. Generally I can create an auto blogging function. I can use post to RSS feed and aggregator RSS feed to combine all the information I need and turn it into blog content. You can try it out with Blogger, GData, MetaWeblog and several other free blogging services. Although the services are limited to 100 posts per day and per user, the amount of content is sufficient for auto blogging. The recopied articles will include “published by xFruits.com”. The xFruits services are available in French, English, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. That means you can even mix up contents with different languages.

P/S: Unfortunately xFruits is no longer available.



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  1. Dave says:

    This tool offer a lot of opportunities. I just start thinking how many things I can do with this. For sure one of the jobs is very useful for my new SEO project. Thanks for sharing.