Writing Reference Website list to Improve Writing Quality

I’m always looking for website or references on writing because I believe as a blogger we have to improve our writing ability. Besides improving writing ability, having references and tools to aid on writing is important too. The better our writing skills, the better we deliver our message and intention in the post. Although it’s true that we don’t have to be good in writing to make money online, but a good writing skill can help to increase money making opportunities online.

Check out “Writing Reference Sites to Make You a More Effective Writer” at Diploma Guide and you’ll find lots of helpful writing references available. The list of writing references are categorize into general reference, essay writing, resume writing, journalism, fiction writing, poetry, technical writing and web writing. Particularly in the general reference you’ll find the sites more helpful in terms of boosting the knowledge of grammar and the standards of writing. There are also tools to help finding the right words to get to the point effectively. It’s basically what we need in our daily blogging activities. The ability of creating an effective sales page is very much related to our writing skill.

I did not have the time to go through all the sites listed but I’m sure those are pretty helpful sites too. Some of the sites like poetry writing and fiction writing might not be part of my money making opportunities but I’m sure some of my readers might be interested. If you have the interest to go through these sites, please give us a short review about it. No matter how good you are in writing, you’ll still need references and help. Learning together by sharing with each other is the best way to keep on improving your writing skill.



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  1. Dave says:

    I agree, writing abilities are very important for bloggers. I see some bloggers reply to almost every blog comment which I believe is a great way to get loyal and returning visitors.