What is a programmatic ad sale?

According to the blog post title “Find out if you should go programmatic” from Inside AdSense, this is the explanation for programmatic.

Programmatic advertising takes your digital ad inventory and matches it to buyers looking for the ad space you offer, doing the selling for you. It uses software and algorithms as a go between, increasing ad revenues through a bidding system where the highest paying buyer’s ad is chosen for each space.

One of the examples is Google AdSense. Publishers don’t have to look for advertisers. Google AdSense is the bridge between publishers and advertisers. Basically your blog or site is just like a newspaper. In order to make money you need people to advertise on your site or blog. For the case of newspaper, they have people going around looking for companies and business owners who will advertise on their paper. A successful newspaper usually is the one that has lots of readers. When the newspaper has a lot of readers, companies and business owners will be willing to spend money advertising. This goes the same with our blog or site. The only way to make money online successfully is to build a lot of readers or traffic.

Basically it is a simple concept. Your job is to generate as much traffic as possible and let Google AdSense take care of the advertisers. As long as your blog or site manages to gather large amount of readers or traffic, advertisers will be willing to spend money on your site or blog. One of the ways to do this is creating a lot of good quality content that people want to read.



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