Using Web Based Tools

I’ve notice that there has been increasing number of web based tools lately. It seems that not long in future we don’t have to carry our laptop in order to do our job. As long as we can find a computer, then we’re able to access all the application needed online. There are a lot of web based tools that gives similar function to programs like Microsoft office, Adobe, Paint, AutoCAD and programming software. As for now I still carry my laptop around for my work but when I’m away from my laptop, these web based tools become pretty handy for me.  One of my favorite web based tools is Google Docs which allows me to create spreadsheets, documents and presentation. It’s very handy when I need to prepare some document urgently.  Here is a site where you can find a list of 40 Excellent Web Based Tools. Make full use of it as it helps a lot when you don’t have your laptop around.



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4 Responses to “Using Web Based Tools”

  1. ameo says:

    that is true , web 2.0 application becomes more handy that installing the sotware on my own HD
    [why download and install it if i can get it online ]
    i’ve user zoho and mozy for some time and still

  2. Kumo says:

    We still have to carry our own laptops to do our work today. I’m sure in future we don’t have to carry it. All me need is a computer that able to get online and we can do our work right away.

  3. Scott says:

    You mention that there is a web tool out there like AutoCAD? Where? I have yet to see anything that can do CAD online productively. But if you know of one please enlighten…

  4. Kumo says:

    I’ll post it up if I ever encounter anything similar with CAD. Already there exist online base application similar to words, sooner or later there will be an online application that close to CAD.