Use Temporally Email address to Protect Your Privacy

temperally email accountOne of the problems of having an email address is receiving those annoying spam emails. Especially if you own an email account for almost a decade and have been using it to sign up for lots of website, social community network, forums and many other accounts, you’ll generally be receiving at least 5 spam emails per day. One way to reduce the amount of spam emails is stop providing your email address to others unnecessary. You can use temporally email account services provided by Tempalias to reduce the rate of using your actual email account for sign up. Basically Tempalias creates an anonymous alias which will forward to your real email address. You can set the alias valid until a certain period of time either by days or messages received. This service is very useful when you try to sign up for online services or community without having to provide your actual email address. One good example is when you’re trying to get FREE ebooks or software, some website requires you to at least provide your email address. I’m sure those affiliate marketers who tries to sell their products through email marketing method understand this very well. As Tempalias does not require any personal information to sign up for an account, you don’t have to worry about privacy issue. Furthermore Tempalias is completely cost and advertisement free.

There are a lot of useful free tools online just like Tempalias nowadays. Most of the free online tools are design by users for their own usage and convenience. That is why some tools are not easily found as it’s not meant for the public in the first place. So the question is how we find them. Well, I think we still have to use the old fashion way that is introducing it one by one.  In most cases these useful tools are copy, repackage and make it a money generating equipment. Initially these free online tools are not meant for money making opportunities. I suppose that’s the same as selling bottle of water.

P/S: Unfortunately Tempalias is no longer available.



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  1. James says:

    Thats true, I am receiving 5 time more SPAM on own domain email accounts. I advice all my customers to use real names for the email accounts instead of generic one like sale, info, admin or webmaster. Spammars are attaching exactly those email names.